Just Thursday Blog Hop – Celebrating the Mundane 

Time to tidy my art space. These are from the top of the used acrylic paints. What should I do with them?

Fancy joining in? Rebecca and Mara  also have something to show you. Link back here – leave a comment with a link – we’d love to see what’s mundane in your life. Check here for my daily photo.

Apologies if the links don’t work at first. Blame it on the hospital and the app 😝


Celebrating the Mundane – Just Thursday Blog Hop

Slowly life is returning to normal here. I’m hoping to get around to see all the  connected posts this week. It’s surprising how ‘nursemaiding’ eats up the day, but it’s been worth it. I had intended to take a photo of a hospital bed – but somehow that just didn’t seem right, and hopefully a little too irregular to actually be mundane, so this week I’m sharing something that is under my feet within just a few short steps of our front gate



Apparently there is a website which explains the marks like this that we see on a regular basis.  I should have ‘googled’ it before this post.

Fancy joining in? Rebecca and Mara also have something to show you. Link back here – leave a comment with a link – we’d love to see what’s mundane in your life. Check here for my daily photo.


Celebrating the Mundane – Just Thursday Blog Hop


It’s the time of year when it isn’t only the house that needs a spring clean! The greenhouse is due for one too.

Better get going!

Hope you will join us in celebrating those mundane bits of life that are essential but not in the least bit glamorous. Pop over to Rebekah and Mara and make sure you link back. It might be mundane, but it’s worth celebrating.

Mundane 1

Celebrating the Mundane – Just Thursday Blog Hop

We all go through times of uncertainty in our lives. The last two months have been very unsettling at times as DH has been very ill, however there is hopefully and end in sight and things are now a little calmer. Next week, on this day, we will be preparing for him to return to hospital for an operation – what exactly will be done we won’t know until after the event, but we both have a sense of peace about the whole thing, and if all goes well he will be home within days.

This month has been irritating. Our internet signal has dropped continually – and this is really unusual. It would appear that it is due to our overhead wires, but they aren’t due for replacing any time soon, and cable is not an option. So on we go – and the peace and quiet has been wonderful! Maybe it was all planned! Of course I’m not seeing as much as I would like, but normality will return – and I’m sure people understand.

There is another little ‘mishap’ to report this week, though, and that has made me rather cross.

My camera has stopped working :(

It stopped working 2 days after the guarantee expired! I’m in negotiations. Thankfully, due to the memory card, I lost no pictures, but I have nothing other than my iPhone to capture my life until further notice, and that is not always a convenient tool.

Apart from accessing the internet, there are other things that ‘slide’ when life is not normal, and one of those I remembered to my cost. I take a daily medication – thyroxine. I take it religiously, but somehow it was one of the things that took backseat during the ‘traumas’. Sadly I completely forgot until I began to recognise symptoms that I had hoped to not revisit. I’m back into routine now, but they are important and mundane enough to be the subject of today’s picture.

Mundane 1

Taken this morning – with the iPhone

Hope you will join in. Mara and Rebekah are posting too. Don’t forget to link back to us, let’s CELEBRATE THE MUNDANE! Sometimes the things we take for granted are more important than you think.

Celebrating the mundane – Just Thursday Blog Hop

Newspaper and bubblewrap. These ‘exciting’ materials have filled my week. I have been finishing an artwork, and these have been helping. Can’t show you the artwork – that would be far too exciting 😆

Forgive the lack of visits and, maybe, proper links. Once again internet problems mean this may or may not waft out to you as I pass a friendly signal on my way to the post office.  Mara and Rachel will have more for you either already or shortly. Please join in, I’ll do my best to visit but ‘nursing’duties have made it difficult to investigate the problems in a timely manner and I really don’t have time to foster frustrations…..

My problems, however, are nothing like those in Nepal. Please click through to this link and read more.
Have a great day


Just Thursday Blog Hop – Celebrating the Mundane



Mobile phones are useful! Apps are too! However, once downloaded there are some that just don’t leave you alone.

I recently re-opened my Etsy shop. It’s dedicated (mostly) to my hand dyed bits and pieces, but filling it is tedious – and I just don’t have time for more than little by little. However, the ‘handy’ little app tells me what is going on. It tells me so much that I think it is time for us to part company.

Not parting company with the phone, though ;)

Rebekah is leading the blog hop today – and Mara is joining us too! What about you? Hope you will consider being part of it by linking back to one of our posts.

Enjoy your day – no matter how mundane :D


Celebrating the mundane – Just Thursday

Is it really Thursday already? Time for the mundane! Mara is our leading lady this week, and Rebecca and I are joining in. Please visit everyone, join in and link back to us – anyone will do. We’ll come and take a look. IMG_2929 Here’s the fruit for today. Lots of different textures there, the melon is especially worth reproducing in paint. I wonder if the skin will print? Hmm, might give it a try later :D Posting has been interesting this week. A very intermittent internet signal as resulted in photographs and posts being composed on the iPhone or iPad – a little editing attempted if the signal allows me to access briefly on the pc – but probably posted as I waft past a complimentary signal somewhere. There may be one from Chittle Chattle later.