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Celebrating the mundane – Just Thursday

Is it really Thursday already? Time for the mundane! Mara is our leading lady this week, and Rebecca and I are joining in. Please visit everyone, join in and link back to us – anyone will do. We’ll come and take a look.

Here’s the fruit for today. Lots of different textures there, the melon is especially worth reproducing in paint. I wonder if the skin will print? Hmm, might give it a try later :D

Posting has been interesting this week. A very intermittent internet signal as resulted in photographs and posts being composed on the iPhone or iPad – a little editing attempted if the signal allows me to access briefly on the pc – but probably posted as I waft past a complimentary signal somewhere.

There may be one from Chittle Chattle later.


Weekly Photo Challenge – Early Bird

This is the early bird. Maybe not the EARLIEST bird – but certainly the first one I see perched here each day. If you visited yesterday you would have seen the same view – minus the bird. I suggest you take a look for more information, you might like to join us next week. (Yes, the window is still dirty) A totally different interpretation of the theme is here at Chittle Chattle and full details are on the  WordPress post.

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Celebrating the Mundane – just Thursday

What’s in front of you today? What do you see every day? Why not join in? Don’t forget to visit Rebekah and Mara to see their offerings this week too. Please link back to this post so we can come and visit.

This is the view from the window of the room that I laughingly call my ‘Studio’. All manner of creativity happens in a small area just in front of this view. The picture was taken this morning using my iPhone with the Camera Awesome App. It isn’t out of focus – the windows need cleaning ;)



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Celebrating the mundane – Just Thursday

The return of the blog hop. Illness, moving house and ‘life’ in general, permitting it will be here every week. Join me and my fellow partners in crime (Rebekah and Mara) celebrating the things that we normally ignore. What is right in front of you today?


And what could be more mundane than the evidence of hard water in my teacup!

Don’t forget to link back here if you join in.

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