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Weekly Photo Challenge – Create


Chittle Chattle

Full details of the challenge, and lots more entries, can be found here

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Author: nuvofelt

I dye

13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Create

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  3. I’ve always admired people who can use a sewing machine to create magnificent things.

    • Thanks for visiting, Janet. It isn’t actually a sewing machine, it’s a needlefelting machine. I teach both machine embroidery and the use of this machine which is called an Embellisher. They are great fun.

      • Wow!!! Thanks for your explanation. I’ve never heard of a needlefelting machine before! I would love to learn about this craft. In the old days, when girls got married, their family would give her away with a sewing machine as dowry.

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  6. I recognise that shirt & nails, lol. Really enjoyed that day. Thank You again:-)

  7. Sewing machines freak me out! What are you creating?

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