The procession from the church to the local Cenotaph. Taken from the hip. The memorial service also included a special fly-past by a Chinook helicopter.


All this was followed by a procession to the church for the service.


It was good to see so many of the younger generation in the gathering.  All photographs shot from the hip with no framing or focusing.

4 thoughts on “Remembering

  1. Very nice! We’ll have it here on Tuesday, which is holiday here … everything is closed. The attendance in Harbour Station for the ceremony is usually huge, and is expected to be even bigger this year, due to what happened in Ottawa and QC recently.

    Each year I go there, I’m also glad to see so many young people there.


  2. oh, and on a lighter note; I was meaning to say, as I read your «I dye» in your profile; When we were in Old Orchard Beach, ME, I saw a hair salon with the name «Curl up and Dye» LOL


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