Photography 101 – Warmth

Today is cold and damp. It’s still autumn, but it’s the sort of day when nothing but ‘cosy’ will do. It has long been an amusement to my family that on such a day – regardless of month (yes, even in August) – and even if the weather is cold and clear – and full of sunshine – I won’t go out without a very important part of ‘dress’……


Whatever you do…… DON’T HIDE MY GLOVES!


12 thoughts on “Photography 101 – Warmth

    1. Oh, I always know where my gloves are. Have been late leaving a few times because I had forgotten them – but I hate cold hands, and they are a major source of comfort, lol. I really do take them on holiday – no matter where in the world we are going.. I have Reynaud’s syndrome

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  1. Just read your last reply to comment here, so the gloves make perfect sense. I’m sorry you have that.

    With regards to gloves, I just have a hard time finding any that actually DO keep my hands warm!


    1. Thanks, it is an inconvenience! I have to remember to remove my rings as the weather cools down or I will lose them – and as for gloves, well, I tend to agree. In the end leather with a warm lining means I can still use my hands for most outdoor things – and if I’m being driven I make sure I sit on my hands, lol

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