Photography 101 – Moment

I have struggled to find an entry worthy of today’s prompt. Travel has been impossible – far too busy for even a walk along the road, so I have dredged up a couple from various sources to interpret the word ‘Moment’ in different ways.

First – a view that may well be similar next time we travel this ‘old’ route. Although the object of the view is always in the same place the opportunity for a photograph is very much dependent upon the traffic. The foreground shows that this was a moving shot – and it was taken with the iPhone


Within seconds the opportunity window for this shot is gone…..


On a different occasion – just a moment later and the opportunity window for this shot had also gone –


8 thoughts on “Photography 101 – Moment

    1. Thanks Rebekah.

      I’m in the middle of changing computers….. some are here – some are now there…… Not a happy choosing situation, but hopefully a better computer situation once I’m up and running!

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