Weekly Photo Challenge – a few more Angles!

A few circles filled with angles – click on one for a better view. Following on from the real challenge yesterday, this is an amalgem of Photo 101 and the current Weekly Photo Challenge. Just because……

10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – a few more Angles!

    1. To be honest I was suprised. I have avoided using it because it has not looked good before. I will try it again at some point, but I’ve noticed that not many people have clicked through, even though there have been views to the post. I think they look as though they are edited and complete, rather than a gallery – but that’s just my thought. Thanks for the observation.


      1. You have a good point. It’s true that I was among those who didn’t click the gallery but I realised that it was one. I don’t usually open galleries, I’m ok with the preview — and I don’t care to make it so obvious to anyone seeing my screen that I’m NOT working… 😉


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