Just Thursday Blog Hop – Celebrating the Mundane



Mobile phones are useful! Apps are too! However, once downloaded there are some that just don’t leave you alone.

I recently re-opened my Etsy shop. It’s dedicated (mostly) to my hand dyed bits and pieces, but filling it is tedious – and I just don’t have time for more than little by little. However, the ‘handy’ little app tells me what is going on. It tells me so much that I think it is time for us to part company.

Not parting company with the phone, though 😉

Rebekah is leading the blog hop today – and Mara is joining us too! What about you? Hope you will consider being part of it by linking back to one of our posts.

Enjoy your day – no matter how mundane 😀

5 thoughts on “Just Thursday Blog Hop – Celebrating the Mundane

  1. Looks like a nice app! Too bad I’m not on Etsy, hence the app is not for me. But I like your photo – so neat, clean and cute in its seeming mundanity 🙂


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