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Weekly Photo Challenge – On Top


Just a snap; but then that’s what you should expect from a site with such a name! Snapped as we drove across Salisbury Plain – to encapsulate the different layers of texture, from the dusty soil at the base to the yellow flowers on top! A design source to be used at some point in a workshop. Full details of the challenge can be found here, and one from Chittle Chattle will be along shortly.

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Monument.

It’s safe to say that on some days – nothing goes right. So, when searching for a specific monument this was not what I expected to find.


In case you can’t read it the sign says ‘Mine being repainted It will be Back.’ The mine which commemorates WW2 had vanished!

Full details of the challenge, and many more entries can be found here, a different interpretation is at Chittle Chattle.


Weekly Photo Challenge – Reflections

Our nearby local nature reserve is a haven of peace and tranquility. While it gets busy at weekends it is possible to visit on some days and not see another person. I often walk here to collect my thoughts and be inspired by the flora, fauna and views. During the persistent rains of the winter the landscape changed. Normally dry this area became flooded – and it was impossible, at times, to distinguish between the trees and the reflections.



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Weekly Photo Challenge – Inside

Two for the price of one today!

blog inside

This first one is a chance to ‘air’ a picture of a place we used to visit two or three times a month. Sadly it was sold and is no longer part of our life. It was an entry in an earlier ‘inside’ weekly photo challenge – and I just used it here because the circumstances surrounding the sale of the building made many people hurt ‘inside’. Below, is another picture with a slightly different interpretation


Those of you that have heard about the winter weather in the UK will know that it was mostly wet! Regardless of the conditions I walked on most days. It was a relief to return home on many occasions, though. The above picture was taken once I returned home after one such trip. Instantly spectacles steamed up – and the view might seem out of focus…….

……. but that’s exactly how I saw everything without my specs ;)

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Abandoned

August 2013,, 015

A bit of a cheat really, it is abandoned – but has been ‘found’ by the employees who are not allowed to smoke in the nearby offices!

Full details of the challenge can be found here and this is one from Chittle Chattle.


Weekly Photo Challenge – Threes



Electricity comes in threes…… (top right)

Full details of the challenge can be found here and Chittle Chattle has one too.