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Photo 101 – Landscape

Today’s challenge is here.

‘snap a picture of a landscape. Focus on the gestalt — the entire setting as a whole’

The whole scene

The whole scene

Wales 2014 033a

Which do you prefer?


Photo 101 – Swarm

Photo 101 had an interesting prompt today:


The very word gives me the ‘horrors’ and this picture brings the horrors to pass!

Tour de France 014


This ‘swarm’ depicts two of my worst possible nightmares

1 Being near a cycle race of any description

2 Being surrounded by sports fans

I will say no more – except I’m just going off to shudder at the memory. There’s a much more civilised interpretation here.



Photography 101 – Moment

I have struggled to find an entry worthy of today’s prompt. Travel has been impossible – far too busy for even a walk along the road, so I have dredged up a couple from various sources to interpret the word ‘Moment’ in different ways.

First – a view that may well be similar next time we travel this ‘old’ route. Although the object of the view is always in the same place the opportunity for a photograph is very much dependent upon the traffic. The foreground shows that this was a moving shot – and it was taken with the iPhone


Within seconds the opportunity window for this shot is gone…..


On a different occasion – just a moment later and the opportunity window for this shot had also gone -



Photography 101 – Architecture

Three pictures for you today.

The first was taken during a recent visit to Somerset. A derelict building that is well past it’s best. Evidence of recent conversions for ‘health and safety’ don’t add to the original design. The second picture shows the original photograph before being converted to black and white. (The building is empty – the lights you see are reflections from buildings opposite)

031 derelict building a 031 derelict building


The third photograph was taken this morning. There will be no chance of visiting anywhere in the near future to take a truly appropriate picture, so, using my iPhone (camera battery being recharged) I went to the side of the garden that is the least photogenic and snapped the chimney of the next door Victorian bungalow using the Hueless App.

black and white architecture a

Not the sharpest – I was avoiding the sun…..


Photography 101 – Mystery

Today’s challenge is to take a picture that implies mystery. Hopefully this fits the bill!


No, it isn’t a bird, a plane or Superman! It’s …………………..