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Weekly Photo Challenge – Yellow

Painted in Waterlogue

We had a magnificent display of sunflowers this year. This is a photograph of just one – converted into watercolour via the Waterlogue app.

Full details of the challenge can be found here, and Yellow from Chittle Chattle is here.


Just Thursday – blog hop, why not join in?

Rebekah has asked us a question for her prompt this week. Why do we blog?

Well, I’m going to answer this question from the point of view of THIS blog only….

Way back in the blogging dark ages I had a .blogspot blog. It is hard to remember everything about it, but displaying photographs was a nightmare. I moved across to WordPress, and suddenly it was easy. Not only did photographs load easily…. they also went exactly where they were needed. Although I was already chattily blogging, I decided that I would try photographic blogging….. and so this blog began. The title means – ‘don’t expect world class photographs – you get what you get’ ;)

This was the first picture

Subjects are varied – and I’m always amazed (and very thankful) that so many people visit to look.


Here is Mara’s post. Why not join us? Leave your link below and come back later for the next in the series reviewing 2014

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March 2014


The road was closed to install safety features. However, no announcement was made, and as major diversions were the result – rumours flew far and wide. There was a lot of fuss about nothing over a set of new traffic lights!