Photography 101 – Street

A quiet Tuesday morning.

This is one of the older streets in our town which only dates from the late 19th century. That is when our house, and a few others in the road were built. The road was only tarmac’d about 50 years ago when it was further developed.

The original houses still stand, but have been joined by single stories from the 1950s and 60s, and another couple from the 1990s. No underground cables for us – overhead telephone wires obscure most views of the sky when there is something of interest up there!


The big heavy gate post in the foreground is an addition built by a former resident. He constructed three along his short frontage – completely blocking the view of the road from our drive and making reversing out just about impossible. We have learnt to live with it! There are ways……..

Taken this morning at 11.58

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